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Gifts & Giveaways

We at “LalaBella” combine both “useful” and “beautiful” to bring you fabulous and unique gift items to combine your selection of chocolates and your choice of flowers to match your occasion needs.

We try our best to make your gifts pop with a little “extra” touch. with our selection of gift wrapping papers and materials, we want to make sure that you leave our boutique with a smile heading to your loved ones.

And as always, “LalaBella” maintained their uniqueness in it’s giveaways selection that varies from our branded chocolate boxes to the most lovable occasions and personal and corporate events.  our giveaways selections includes:

  • Seasonal giveaways (Gergaon, Hajj, etc.)
  • Baby reception giveaways
  • Weddings giveaways
  • Corporate giveaways (personalized and general)
  • LalaBella’s branded giveaways for general occasions