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Premium Floral Course by Dmitry Turcan

After several International Courses hosted in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we officially announce the establishment of the first official International Certified Flower School in the Middle East, hosting different floral talents and international instructors from all around the world in one location.  FlowerSchoolME, will host Dmitry Turcan, the International floral designer from Baku, in it’s first official school workshop series.  Turcan, will showcase his luxurious artistic floristry work in the Middle East for the very first time, and none the last.

The two days workshop tailored for experienced floral designers, who would like to expand their skills and add to their current knowledge using exotic different techniques and flowers.  The students will learn Structural Bouquets and Compositions which needs a high attention to details and materials craftsmanship.  The two days course will be entirely hands-on experience and suitable for only advance level students.


Day 1: Friday 3rd November


Session 1: Structure Bouquet 1

This Structural Bouquet has a different variety of techniques that every florist will need.  The eventual look make it look like a normal bouquet, but the techniques behind it what makes it difficult and on the –must-learn-list.


Session 2: Structure Bouquet 2
A fun exercise to experience, and an unconventional structure bouquet.  Playing with papers, brushes and water color, this beauty will open your eyes wide on all the different possibilities of creating your daily bouquets. It will definitely be one of your master piece of floral art.  You should wait for this one, it’ll be fun!


Session 2: Structure Bouquet 3

Dmitry’s Signature Structural bouquet.  Twigs, Salix, and mix of seasonal delicate flowers, how complicated this looks to make, you will learn it the easy way, and how he almost does it on daily bases, in less than an hour.

Day 2: Saturday 4th November


Session 1: Composition 1

Practicing different floral techniques in one, will give you an outstanding final look.  The layering of leafs, the floating of orchids, the delicacy of the ranunculus all in one place to give a beautiful composition centerpiece.


Session 2: Composition 2
More structural composition with a use of small size seasonal flowers, how to secure these flowers in a large bouquet style without having them fall, how to synchronize them in a pattern without losing the right compose? This will be one of the most challenging arrangements you’ll make, but you’ll love it!


Session 2: Composition 3

Looks like a classic flower in a vase  composition, but the drama behind it what makes it unique.  We tend to arrange the flowers beautifully in vases in our home, or at work, but the dramatic look is always missing, this is what Dmitry will teach you, how to add little more magic to your outcomes.

Two Days course fees:

 New Students: BHD 469

 Old Students:   BHD 446

 Course inclusive of:

  • Flowers and course materials to all students for all the two-day sessions
  • Flower tools, cleaning kit, and flower accessories to all students for all three-day sessions
  • FlowerSchoolME Certificate signed by Dmitry Turcan
  • All flowers made at the workshop belongs to students

Course fees don’t include:

  • Excess of flower accessories and material belongs to organizers
  • Any special flower tools and material provided by the institute
To Download full course details, click on the link below:
Course Details and Registration Form